Institutions where Eric has practiced and presented include:
~Massage Institute of New England     Somerville, MA 
~International Center for Reiki Training     Southfield, MI
~Boston University     Boston, MA
~Harvard University     Cambridge, MA
~Boston Conservatory     Boston, MA
~MA Department of Developmental Services     Danvers, MA
~Boston Ballet Center for Dance Education     Boston, MA
~Ascension Yoga     Boston, MA
~Temenos Retreat Center     Shutesbury, MA
~Brigham and Women's Hospital     Boston, MA
~Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts     Schererville, IN
~Heartspace Center of Oneness     Tryon, NC
~Stone Circle Reiki     Minneapolis, MN
~United Life Spiritual Center     Oklahoma City, OK
~Etowah Valley Yoga     Cartersville, GA
~ISIS Holistic Clinic     Brookline, MA
~Bodyworkers of Boston     Boston, MA
~Adagio Massage     Sedona, AZ
~Peace Place   Sedona, AZ
~Sedona Creative Life Center     Sedona, AZ

photo Melanie Eugenie Nunnink


Institutions and Individuals with whom Eric has studied include:
~ Massage Institute of New England, Somerville, MA
~ International Center for Reiki Training, Southfield, MI
~ Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Sedona, AZ
~ Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Stockbridge, MA
~ Baron Baptiste Power Yoga, Cambridge, MA
~ School of American Ballet, New York City, NY

~ Chris Griscom: author, healer, founder of The Light Institute

~ Selena Aditi Wolf: crystal healing master mentor
~ Dr. Barbara Brennan: author, founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing
~ Donna Eden: author and founder of Eden Energy Medicine
~ Brugh Joy, MD (deceased): pioneering healer, teacher, & author of "Joy's Way"
~ Amethyst Wyldfyre: teacher, author, founder of "The Empowered Messenger"
~ William Lee Rand: founder & director, International Center for Reiki Training
~ Laurelle Shanti Gaia: author, founder of Infinite Light Healing Studies Center
~ Michael Arthur Baird: healer, creator of Reiki Drumming Certification Program
~ Pam & Don McMahon: healers, founders of  Heartspace Center of Oneness
~ Linda Linker Rosenthal: author, founder of Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts
~ Libby Barnett MSW: Reiki Master Teacher, author of "Reiki Energy Medicine"
~ Jann Cobb, LMT: Master Massage Therapist and Instructor



Eric Lindemer is a potent channel for the flow of healing energy - his Universal Light work was a very important "rite of passage" for me. When I received this blessing it anchored me in a frequency that allowed me to navigate some hefty challenges in my life with a depth of grace and inner peace that I know would not have been possible otherwise.
-Amethyst Wyldfyre, author, healer, founder of The Empowered Messenger

I was able to relax and release a lot during our session together and felt totally heard and supported. As a midwife, massages are an essential part of my self-care, and I am very picky who I allow to work on my body. I felt totally safe and would highly recommend Eric.
-Monika Rosicka, LM, CPM, Tree of Life Midwifery Services


He's my 1st Choice best go-to Master!!!! You'll learn a ton...plus...I know firsthand how transforming Eric's healing gifts are!
-Dr. Linda Linker Rosenthal, author, healer, founder of Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts

"As I have received, practiced, and taught a wide variety  

  of spiritual and healing modalities over the years, I've 

  learned to appreciate many traditions without becoming 

  dogmatic about any. I understand the key components 

  of many systems, and also appreciate how they can work 

  together synergistically. It's my honor to share

  with you that which I have been blessed to learn and

  experience." -Eric

photo Luke Loran

Eric Lindemer, LMT, has been drawn to the mystical, healing, and spiritual realms since childhood. He studied dance, gymnastics, and music from an early age, and began practicing chanting and meditation as a teenager. Eric danced professionally with American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet, and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, during which time he relied on massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, yoga, and energy healing to keep him performing at his best. These experiences inspired him to pursue his path of studying, practicing, and eventually teaching the healing arts. In addition to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, Eric has studied with modern masters in the realms of spirituality and energy healing, visited sacred sites, and spent time in deep communion with nature. Some of his most informative and profound experiences have occurred on the inner and outer planes during meditation, and in the dreamtime. 

photo Kimall Christensen