Our Programs

* Temple of The Light: a guided group meditation for healing and awakening 

* Introduction to Meditation & Pranayama 

* Foundations of Energy Healing

* Clearing and Balancing The Meridians

* Crystal Healing for Energy Workers    

* Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage 

* Full Body Massage     

* Book Reading From "Celebrate The Mystery: A Mother's Journey of Awakening Through Cancer

Temple of The Light:

Guided Group Meditation for Healing and Awakening

Enjoy being guided on a relaxing meditative journey to release stagnant energy, welcome healing energy, and increase spiritual awareness. Our potential for healing and awakening is greatly enhanced when we gather together, so if you feel called please join this sacred ceremony.

Introduction to Meditation & Pranayama 
Learn powerful techniques to support the health, healing, and awakening of your mind/body/energy system. Practices include: gentle energy clearing & balancing exercises, meditation, pranayama (yogic breathing techniques,) and mudras (hand positions used in meditation to support the flow of energy through the body.) This class offers powerful techniques for self-care, and is also a prerequisite for our Intro To Energy Healing class. Both beginners and experienced practitioners welcome!

Foundations of Energy Healing

This course offers an introduction to hands-on energy healing techniques for use with oneself, friends, and family, and also may serve as a starting point for those wishing to further their studies in energy healing. Various theories and techniques of energy healing will be presented and demonstrated, and students will have the chance to try a few techniques on themselves and with classmates.

Prerequisite: Meditation & Pranayama workshop.

Balancing The Meridians
Learn to clear the body's meridians with your hands! This routine, once learned, only takes about a minute, but it is a powerful tool for clearing and balancing our energy, or someone else’s. This class will not make you an expert on the intricacies of the meridians (that requires years of study)……but you’ll benefit from knowing how to clear them. Think of it as learning to brush and floss your meridians!!!

Crystal Healing for Energy Workers  

Our allies from the Crystal Kingdom can help to focus and enhance our work with energy, and also bring in their own special vibrations and frequencies. During this class, students will have the chance to observe a crystal healing session, learn techniques, practice with classmates, and ask questions. You'll leave with an understanding of how to integrate crystals into your own sessions, and with practice, you'll soon be finding your own ways to work with crystals too!

Prerequisite: our "Foundations of Energy Healing" course or experience with energy healing.

How to Give a Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage
Learn how to give a great upper body massage in 15-20 minutes focusing on the back, neck, arms, and hands. No special equipment needed, just your hands and a chair! After a demonstration, each student will have the chance to give and receive sessions while being guided through the process. Come alone or with a friend, co-worker, partner, or family member.
Please note: this class is intended to support stress reduction and relaxation, not to address serious injuries. For the safety of all concerned, participants must be in good health and free from serious injury in order to participate. Also see our "How to Give a Full Body Massage" workshop below.

How to Give a Full Body Massage

This course includes instruction of how to safely and effectively give a full-body massage on a massage table, and practice giving and receiving a massage. After a demonstration, participants will be guided each step of the way while working with their massage partner. This course is a great stress reliever and a great way to give and receive with people who are important to you! As the techniques presented are non-sexual in nature, this course is appropriate for friends and family members as well as partners.
Please note:Participants must attend with a consenting massage partner 18 years or older, to insure that everyone has someone they feel comfortable working with. This class is intended to support stress reduction and relaxation, not address serious injuries. For the safety of all concerned, participants must be in good health and free from serious injury in order to participate.
Book Reading from "Celebrate The Mystery: A Mother's Journey of Awakening Through Cancer"
Through this reading of excerpts from Suzanne Lindemer's journal, you can follow her on her journey of living with cancer and the challenges, triumphs, insights, and growth that occurred for her along the way. Find out how new worlds and new ways of being opened up for her as she enthusiastically embraced meditation, visualization, music therapy, and personal growth alongside traditional treatments. Whether you are facing an illness, love someone who is, work in healthcare or healing, or are interested in personal and spiritual growth, something in Suzanne's frank and heartfelt journal is sure to speak to you! Read by her son (and Temple of The Light founder) Eric Lindemer. Available at

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